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Gourmet Meals
These complete meals include a protein with a sauce and rice or pasta.
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Each meal contains 2,500 to 3,000 Calories
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Be Prepared for Anything

Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, and ice storms are an all too common occurrence. Without nutritious food to sustain you, life and health can be at risk. Shelf stable, ready-to-eat Global Meals Sure-Pak 12 Meals ensure that you are ready for anything Stock-up on Sure-Pak 12 Meals today. 

Shelf-stable Meals Are Our Specialty

 Global Meals specializes In the production of fully prepared, shelf-stable foods. Because of our advanced packaging technologies, Sure-Pak 12 Meals can be stored for up to five years. Shelf life can be less depending on the temperature of the storage environment. If the storage temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the shelf life of a Sure-Pak 12 Meal is less than three years. A cooler storage environment will extend the shelf life to as long as five years.

 Sure-Pak Convenient Ready-to-Eat Meals

For almost 70 years, Global Meals manufacturer has had the honor and privilege of feeding the US. military with Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs). Global Meals provides meals that have advanced food preparation and packaging technologies to produce fully prepared, shelf-stable meals that are both delicious and nutritious. Wherever duty takes our troops and no matter how challenging the conditions, they have the reassurance


Global Meals offers MREs for civilian life.

These lightweight meal kits, known as Sure-Pak 12 Meals, are great for emergency preparedness, search and rescue missions, camping, hiking, hunting, or as a quick, ready-to-eat meal option at home or work. Whether it’s hurricane season or an outdoor adventure

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Search our complete list of products. Unlike Amazon, Global Meals provides up-to-date menus and Julian date codes so you know exactly what you’re buying — no guessing at the food items you’ll get or the shelf life you’ve paid for. This is because Global Meals deals directly with MRE manufacturers, guaranteeing high-quality products that are upfront about shelf life.

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